Prevent Cyber Threats with Deep Learning AI

Utilising a combination of today’s advanced technology and artificial intelligence, your organisation can stop a cyber-attack before it can impact your systems.

AirIT.X’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution is an essential layer to your cyber security setup. By combining anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, deep learning AI and control technology, our EDR solution will stop an attack before it impacts your systems.

Industry-Leading Endpoint Detection & Response

Further Reduce Your Attack Surface

Stop Unknown Threats

By utilising a form of deep learning technology, our EDR solution can learn the behaviour of malware, even if it hasn’t been identified before.

Don’t Get Held for Ransom

EDR contains anti-ransomware protection, which stops an outside threat from encrypting your files.

Block Exploits

Exploitation techniques are commonly used access devices. Our EDR solution stops this by using exploit prevention.

Deny Hackers Access

Stop hackers from using their various techniques that enable them to gain access to your device.

Take Action and Remotely Access Devices to…

Re-boot devices

Terminate active processes

Run scripts or programs

Edit configuration files

Install/uninstall software

Run forensic tools

Regularly check your infrastructure

Even if your organisation has the right cyber solutions in place, you should conduct an annual security assessment of your IT infrastructure. This evaluation will ensure that all systems and processes are working as intended and highlight any weaknesses that need remediating.

Penetration Test

These are designed for focused analysis on a product, application or process to discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

If security flaws are identified, the tester will often provide professional remediation advice for resolution.

Red Team Engagement Assessment

This a full-scale security assessment across the entire organisation to reduce the risk from cyber threats.

To ensure that the security assessment is conducted under proper conditions, those performing the test will use various methods that cybercriminals use.

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