Prepare for the Unexpected

It’s impossible to predict the future. The risk of an unexpected natural or man-made disaster is constantly present. These risks include floods, pandemics, fires or cyber-attacks. These could cause a business significant downtime.

Therefore, being prepared for the worst event possible is important. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service is an essential contingency plan to mitigate the risk of downtime and to fully recover operations in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity

AirIT.X can provide a Business Continuity service that aligns with your IT business needs.

This consists of a full consultancy service, a review of your current infrastructure and a full report to determine what IT processes your business needs to operate in the event of a disaster.

Depending on the results, we will assist in creating an IT proposal to contribute to your overall business continuity plan.

Disaster Recovery

Within your Business Continuity Plan will be a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan. This will be to outline the course of action to fully recover your data and restore business operations. This includes critical applications, infrastructure data and systems.

Our Disaster Recovery service covers both physical and virtual environments, managed IT support and regular testing. We will also ensure that an agreed Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is present.

Third-party Alliance

As part of your business continuity and disaster recovery plan, we will ensure that any third-party plans provide the same level of operational resilience and restoration capabilities.

We can also ensure that all third-party applications are supported until the contract expires.

This will involve regular communication with the current service provider for the ideal support service.

70% of small businesses that experience huge data loss go out of business within a year.

Protect Your Data at all Costs

Storing your business data is a must, although, there are options as to how you would prefer to store that data. For example, within SaaS applications (Cloud) or on-premise.

Wherever your data is stored, everyone involved has the responsibility to ensure that your data is as protected as possible, including us as an MSP.

Therefore, we will provide, install and manage a backup solution that suits your business needs.

Everglade Windows Testimonial

The Scale Computing project, which included removing end-of-life hardware, moving applications and refreshing servers was seamless from start to finish. These kinds of projects can be a headache, and they have been in the past with other providers. With Air IT, we had no issues or downtime at all. I’m also particularly pleased by the fact that I never have to call or email Air IT to raise tickets – because we never have any. This means that Air IT’s service is great.

Everglade Windows
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