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With many businesses across the UK experiencing a change in working practises, it may be difficult to identify if information systems are operating as intended or meeting their legal and regulatory obligations.

As part of our IT Consultancy Services, we offer an IT Audit, where an AirIT.X expert will visit your organisation and conduct a technical analysis of your IT systems. This includes understanding what you currently have in place, the audit requirements, working practices, the business IT needs and plans for growth.

Based on the information you provide and our findings, our experts will take a detailed look into your IT infrastructure and produce a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report demonstrating areas that are satisfactory or need improving. An expert will then discuss the possible roadmap on how to get where you want to be within your infrastructure.

What Will The IT Audit Include?

Network Audit

• Physical Environment
• Internet connectivity
• Perimeter Security / Firewall
• Networking / Switches
• Wireless access points
• Servers
• Printers
• Network Security
• Endpoints

Service Audit

• Microsoft 365
• Exchange / Exchange Online
• File Services
• SharePoint / OneDrive
• User identity / Active
• Directory
• SQL server
• Line of business applications
• Software-as-a-Service

Security Audit

• Backup & Disaster Recovery
• Multi-factor authentication
• Endpoint Protection
• Secure Email Gateway
• Secure Web Gateway
• Data loss prevention
• Unified Threat Management
• Security information & event management (SIEM)
• Security compliance

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For almost two decades, Air IT have provided exceptional service to Wolves and have been involved in our largest projects.

Wolves and Air IT share the same core values and we consider them part of the Wolves family – I couldn’t think of a better company to partner with.

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Generally, we are self-sufficient but at times we need extra support due to lack of knowledge or time. We find the support team friendly and professional and work hard trying to find a solution that works for us.

Air IT are a very good solutions partner, easy to with work, always willing to discuss and accommodate our requests.

On-site visits are also carried out professionally. AirIT teams arrive well-prepared for what needs to be done and often able to accommodate last-minute changes.

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