Implement a Secure Hybrid Workplace with a Microsoft 365 Partner

In March 2021, Microsoft published an article affirming what many of us have felt since the pandemic compelled organisations to embrace remote working or cease to operate: flexible work is here to stay. The benefits to businesses and individuals are evident, and a resounding 73% of employees view the option of flexible or remote working as a must-have term of employment. 

While we move past the conditions and restrictions that made working from home the only way, hybrid work (a blend of remote and on-prem work) is fast becoming the new norm – 83% of employees state that this is their preferred modus operandi. This requires employers to apply some forward-thinking regarding how infrastructure and facilities need to shape up to accommodate hybrid work and ensure that tasks can be carried out with minimal risk to the business, regardless of where employees are positioned.

Why hybrid working changes everything

In the past, remote work may have only been practised by a few individuals within the company, for example, sales reps and people whose role requires some form of travel or shift in location. For this type of model, reliance on on-premise servers to hold company emails and essential data, as well as the use of VPNs, may have seemed like a reasonable solution. 

When rolling out remote work at scale, however, these types of practices leave your operation exposed to multiple threats – and hackers specifically target businesses that employ these tools and methodologies because they are, indeed, too easy to exploit. Cybercriminals have capitalised on the blind spots created for organisations that have quickly and holistically moved operations online.

For these reasons and more, you’ll have to design and implement policies that ensure your organisation’s systems are protected around the clock and from all angles. Equally, you’ll have to ensure that workers aren’t impeded when performing their jobs. The challenge is to allow for easy operations, fast-flowing communication and access to data without compromising your business.

How does Microsoft 365 support hybrid working?

Microsoft 365 is long established in the world of remote work. Although implementation is fairly straightforward and many organisations perform the initial setup in-house, some key steps may unintentionally get skipped or missed, leading to potential setbacks or security issues further down the line. Once everything is up and running successfully, however, there are tremendous benefits to explore. As a cloud-based, in-browser solution, Microsoft’s industry-standard tools (Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint) are used by organisations around the world, facilitating connected and engaged workforces. 

Companies turn to Microsoft 365 because it offers a consistent PC experience and the reassurance of a trusted brand. The platform is a secure digital workspace built on zero trust policies and can be accessed across a multitude of devices using multi-factor authentication (MFA). Employees can hold meetings, create and share documents, and access the tools and data that are relevant to their job role –– from anywhere. Instead of relying on a host of unrelated applications that expose your business to critical exploits, you can rely on a single platform with vetted integrations.

As with all technologies, Microsoft 365 continuously updates and evolves – it has to in order to accommodate the rapid speed at which user requirements change and, of course, to combat the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime.

Is it time to look for a Microsoft 365 partner?

Think about the pre-pandemic days. Microsoft Teams may have been significantly under-utilised by your organisation because meetings were held on-site. Now, the application is the go-to when scheduling 1-2-1s, collaborative brainstorming sessions, management meetings and even calls with third parties. Things have changed –– fast.

If you’re a small company that’s successfully managed your Microsoft 365 independently, you may have suddenly found the need for a more robust and encompassing security protocol as key procedures are now executed remotely. Therefore, when creating your hybrid working strategy, it’s important to factor in the partnerships and solutions providers that will support you on this journey. 

There are certain complexities involved in managing a flexible scaling workforce that utilises Microsoft 365, and it may be time to seek expert advice and assistance. Typically, this happens when your in-house resources and capabilities can’t accommodate the volume and scope of work required to ensure that everything operates securely and efficiently.

What is a Microsoft 365 partner?

Microsoft 365 Partners are Microsoft verified businesses that form part of the Microsoft Partner Network. To belong to this network, these organisations have to achieve specific competencies and certifications. As a result, they have insider access to exclusive resources, tools and connections that give them advanced capabilities when it comes to resolving your issues, offering support and training, and ensuring that your business operates Microsoft 365 in the most secure and up-to-date manner. As a Microsoft 365 Partner, the AirIT team has to undergo frequent examinations and stay abreast of any changes to the platform that may impact our client’s operations.

Choose AirIT as your Microsoft 365 Partner

We have created the a Modern Workplace solution to help you achieve successful digital transformation – and Microsoft 365 (plus expert installation) comes standard with this offer. This service includes:

  • Unlimited remote support
  • 24/7 Proactive monitoring
  • Security architecture design and implementation
  • Support for remote and hybrid workforce
  • Scaling of your Microsoft 365 package

Created with growing businesses in mind, our solution takes the stress of managing applications, products and services related to Microsoft 365 away from your team and ensures that all critical elements of your digital landscape are overseen by Microsoft-accredited experts. 

Depending on where you are on your journey with the Microsoft 365 platform, we will work with you to ensure that the data and systems you have in place are optimised for security and efficiency. We apply tried and tested best practices for the correct system setup and make product recommendations that suitably configure with your existing infrastructure and operation. So, before you make an investment you’re unsure about, you can lean on our knowledge to select only the right-fit tools for your business.

Air IT will take over license management and keep on top of new Microsoft developments and changes to features. Our partnership with Microsoft gives you the advantage of quick bug fixes and practical answers to complex queries. 

We understand hybrid working and have aided many organisations in their transition to this model. While your focus is on growing and strengthening your business, we anticipate and plan for the things in your digital landscape that may miss your radar. 

We’ll discuss the needs of your hybrid workforce and ensure a secure and hassle-free Microsoft 365 experience.

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