IT Incident Response: How does Air IT help you manage and mitigate threats?

Incident response is a structured approach to dealing with the consequences of a cyberattack or a security breach – sometimes known as an IT, security or computer incident. The aim of incident response is to resolve the situation so that damage, recovery time and costs are minimised.

Why is Incident Response important?

If your organisation fails to carry out effective incident response, you risk the problem escalating into something far more serious and costly – both financial and in terms of reputation. In cases where data is compromised or lost, then the result can mean company closure – the repercussions of exposing customers’ personal data are often dire for business. An untreated incident can ultimately lead to a damaging data breach or system collapse. Responding to an incident quickly will help your organisation minimise losses, mitigate cyber vulnerabilities, restore services and processes, and reduce the risk of further incidents.

Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Organisations may have their own Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to handle any security incident. Senior executives, as well as representatives from the human resources, legal and public relations departments, may also be part of the team. Every company should have an Incident Response Plan (IRP), which clearly sets out how the response to each security incident should be handled.

Your Incident Response Plan could comprise the following process:

  • Details of how incident response supports your organisation’s overall mission
  • The actions to be taken in each phase of incident response
  • The roles and responsibilities of each individual in the Incident Response team
  • Communication pathways between the Incident Response Team and the rest of your organisation
  • Metrics to capture the effectiveness of your Incident Response capabilities

Having a remote Incident Response Service Desk should be a key part of your IT strategy – just the service that AirIT supplies.

The Air IT IT Incident Response Service Desk

Amongst our many IT Services is our dedicated IT Security Service Desk. This team is staffed by a committed and experienced team of IT professionals. As the 4th largest UK Microsoft Azure Partner, our single focus is to support businesses like yours across the globe to stay safe from cyberattacks.

One of the core strengths of our IT Incident Response team is our ability to communicate with your team in a clear, jargon-free manner.

How our IT Incident Response team works

The instant ransomware or some other cyberattack hits your organisation, the Air IT Service Desk leaps into action. First, they isolate the threat and then check to see where the attack accessed your IT infrastructure. 

Finally, they help you to recover your data, giving it the best chance of avoiding a repeat attack. If necessary, we’ll arrange for a service engineer to provide hands-on support to rectify any damage caused to your affected systems.

Monitoring our Incident Response Team

We use a state-of-the-art KPI board to monitor our clients and technicians in real-time. The board is visible for the entire service desk to see. Amongst other features, the board highlights:

  • how many agents are currently on call, dealing with enquiries
  • feedback from clients
  • the statistics of the current month
  • current client issues that are being fixed
  • the duration of calls

Our KPI board makes sure no issue is missed and that everything is suitably and promptly dealt with.

Comprehensive backup disaster recovery

Efficient as our IT Incident Response team may be, no one can ever guarantee that your organisation won’t suffer a cyberattack or data breach of some kind. However, our solution is a market leader. You can relax in the knowledge that, should you suffer an IT incident, you won’t have to cease operations for days on end or accede to the ransom demands of a ruthless attacker.

Air IT – the IT Incident Response Team you can trust

Your organisation may have its own in-house response team. But this option can be unwieldy and costly. Can you be sure that your own people can keep up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats and preventative measures? Do they know how to develop their own Incident Response Plan? Does your dedicated team become exhausted and distracted by an endless stream of false positives from their automated detection systems? Or are they forever occupied dealing with other IT tasks to keep abreast of the latest threats.

The leading force in IT Incident Response planning

At Air IT, we’re proud of our position as a leading force in the field of Incident Response. We bring reassurance, stability, innovation and control to your IT Security. We’ll analyse your organisation’s existing plans and capabilities. We’ll work with you to develop a streamlined, effective and fit-for-purpose Incident Recovery Plan, specifically tailored to your organisation’s individual requirements.

Lastly, our services team can help battle-test your systems with exercises like penetration testing, red team blue team exercises, and adversary emulation scenarios.

When a security event occurs, we log it via email, web portal or phone and allocate the incident to the appropriate engineer.

They will then act to isolate the threat, recover any lost or corrupted data and provide all the hands-on support necessary.

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