Why Work With a Managed Security Provider?

With every passing year, maintaining effective cybersecurity is becoming more of a significant challenge for businesses. Our almost total reliance on technology and digital platforms will continue to draw the attention of cybercriminals whose methods of attack will grow in sophistication.  

According to Statista, over the past 12 months, British businesses suffered an average cost of £2670 – and that’s just the upfront damage. Corporate victims of cybercrime often have to invest significant resources into recovering from attacks and securing against future problems, with the cost of ransom (if an organisation is willing to pay) often running into the millions. One recent study found that, on average, organisations pay an outrageous £2.9m recovering from a cybercrime incident.

While it is technically possible to manage your cybersecurity in-house, it is a huge undertaking that requires continuous updating of software and team expertise. Where this is not possible, it makes sense to work with a managed security operations centre that can help you mitigate risk in a safe and cost-effective way.

24/7 managed service keeps your network and data protected

In 2021, building a protective wall around your business and its security systems goes far beyond the standard set of security procedures. To reduce the threat of a data breach and the potential for cyberattacks, it is best to invest in a managed security service. Outsourcing a security operations centre (SOC) can help you and your team effortlessly form an immediate response to threats before they occur, thanks to 24/7 remote monitoring of your digital infrastructure.

In the past, it may have been possible to install standardised anti-virus software and take the obvious precautions when receiving emails with suspicious links. The modern cybercriminal, however, works faster, smarter and with more strategic intent. From online scams and surveillance to hacking and identity theft, there are plenty of ways for fraudsters to compromise your operations. It’s more important than ever for businesses to remain vigilant and implement multi-layered security measures that are active around the clock. 

A managed IT service provider will act as your virtual eyes and ears well beyond standard operating hours, ensuring that security weaknesses are identified and threats mitigated – often before you’re even aware of them yourself.

Cybersecurity support from a human

When cyber threats strike, panic may quickly arise throughout your business –– what’s been compromised, which customers are affected, what are the financial implications? Troubleshooting takes time, and threat management can be very frustrating for teams – particularly if there is no obvious and immediate solution. We may all be used to working with machines, but reassurance in such situations comes from understanding, expertise and the human touch. Ultimately, we all just want to keep our operations running smoothly – and get back to work as quickly as possible. 

With on-site SOC services also available, AirIT’s professional team of cybersecurity experts can deftly guide you through the troubleshooting process, providing continuous support through your preferred communication channel and working silently in the background to dramatically reduce the threat of a cybersecurity incident occurring in the first place. 

Our service is tailored in a way that allows you to tap into our knowledge base by logging into the ‘MyAirIT Portal’ and following the steps to fix common errors. But, if the problem looks too tough to solve, or you’d rather lean on one of our experts for extra reassurance, a friendly cybersecurity specialist is always available via your preferred method of communication.  The portal also allows you to make common requests for employees, order equipment and peripherals, take courses, increase your knowledge base and liaise with engineers on tickets.

A managed SOC can be more cost-effective

Understandably, many large organisations go to great lengths to protect themselves from cyber threats, often setting up an expensive SOC on site. This involves investing in costly technology – we’re talking up to half a billion dollars – as well as hiring specialist tech staff – no easy feat against the background of the oft-reported on the digital skills gap. Then there is the almost constant cycle of maintenance and training needed to ensure that all people and solutions are kept bang up-to-date in order to be able to actually deal with threats and problems as they occur.

Beyond implementation and maintenance challenges, it’s worth mentioning that, for many businesses, setting up an on-site SOC simply isn’t an option. Many don’t have the resources, expertise and budget needed to maintain a dedicated security operations centre. 

For such businesses, working with an external SOC like a AirIT is a much more reliable solution to tackling cyber threats, allowing organisations to benefit from low costs and high levels of experience and knowledge. It is the security operations provider’s responsibility to work with the organisation to understand its specific needs, undertaking everything from integration and supervision of the company’s workflows to alerts and incident analysis, taking action where needed to address any potential breaches.

Tackle evolving cyber threats 

Cyber threats are evolving every day – what might have protected your organisation yesterday cannot be guaranteed to protect you tomorrow. Taking a reactive approach to cybersecurity is a huge risk.

In the past, businesses may have been tempted to delay the implementation of more rigorous security measures. But things are changing quickly. In the current climate of heightened cyber risks, a SOC is, arguably, essential. Even as you’re minding your own business, focusing on performing the tasks in your job role, somewhere out there, a cybercriminal is dedicating hours and resources to cracking the popular applications, SaaS tools and platforms you rely on. That’s why it’s important to give as good as you get, counteracting their efforts with equal – if not superior – proactive security measures. Your managed SOC partner is your best bet when it comes to managing the persistent threats that are likely to be hovering around your digital infrastructure. They can help you implement safety protocols that utilise biometric security, data loss prevention, facial recognition, next-generation firewalls and many other top-of-the-range cyber safety tactics. 

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